2011 ECHO medal – Vote today

The ECHO Medal 2011 is soon to be awarded. Please get your final votes in.

The ECHO medal is awarded each year to the player who has the greatest impact on their team in the club.  These votes also go towards each teams Team Best and Fairest.  You can vote each week at www.echohockey.org.au/echo-medal-voting, so save it to your favourites and remember to vote.


This is how it works:
  • 7 votes allocated to up to 5 players with maximum of 3 votes to player
  • You can vote for anyone who players no matter if they are a regular player, filling in or a designated substitute.
  • Don’t vote for yourself – it will be weighted so you are not disadvantaged.
At the bottom of the votes section is an area to add comments about the match. This is for anecdotes, amazing efforts and things that would be interesting to the club.  These will be compiled and read out at the ECHO medal night at the end of the season when the ECHO medalist and team Best and Fairest’s will be awarded.  Also let us know if you have any footage.

Click on the following links to vote for the appropriate teams:

Previous winners have been:

Year Winner Runner-up
2005 Anna Davidson Marty Davidson & Andrew Barker
2006 Tim Jensen Anna Davidson
2007 Anna Davidson Nick Clancey
2008 David Griffiths Natalie Oglesby
2009 Andrew Lockrey Anna Davidson
2010 David Oglesby Leah Arnold, Adam Mack & Natalie Oglesby