Expressions of interst for roles

We have a range of vacant and new functions that we are seeking expressions of interest for a number of roles that need to be filled across the Club. We are keen for an Executive Committee that is representative of the Club.

It is worth noting that as outlined in the Club’s constitution, to be a Member of the Executive Committee you are required to be a Christian according to Romans 10:9-10 – this was originally done to ensure that ECHO continues as fundamentally a Christian Club.  To be a member of the a sub-committee you just need to sign up as either a full or Honorary member of the ECHO Association.


Junior Vice-President

  • Chair the Junior competition committee,

  • Provide oversight for the functioning and outcomes of the Junior unit,

  • Represent the Executive committee views on the Junior competition committee and feedback decisions,

  • Ensure meetings are held regularly,

  • Look at ways to lead and grow ECHO’s Junior unit and overcome the challenges that this unit currently faces (training grounds, recruitment, coaches etc) working with the Executive Committee and Club Development committees,

  • The role does not require any hockey experience, however experience in running committees would be preferable.



Uniform (ECHO wear) coordinator (Club Equip and Facilitate sub-committee)

  • Ensure players have access to new uniforms,

  • Order uniforms and maintain relationships with uniform providers,

  • Work with the Club Treasurer to manage finances and ensure the function is financially viable,

  • Explore new opportunities to grow ECHO wear.

First aid coordinator (Club Equip and Facilitate sub-committee)

  • Ensure all first aid kits are maintained and up to date,

  • Point of call for Team managers regarding restocking first aid equipment.

Club sponsorship coordinator (Club development sub-committee)

  • Actively explore new sponsorship and partnership opportunities,

  • Work with the Development committee to grow the reputation and profile of the the Club.

Club social coordinator (Club development sub-committee)

  • Coordinate between the Men’s, Women’s and Junior social coordinator to ensure social activities occur and are well organised,

  • Help coordinate these activities and that other members help,

  • Work with the Development committee to ensure the Club continues to maintain a positive culture.

Club recruitment coordinator (Club development sub-committee)

  • Actively explore new channels for recruiting new players,

  • Work with the Club Development committee to ensure that communications are appropriate.

Website and ICT coordinator (Club development sub-committee)

  • Lead a review of the clubs website, redevelop it and launch it before the next season,

  • Set-up the Clubs new App and ensure it is promoted and usable,

  • Coordinate other ICT functions and worth with the other Club Development members to ensure all functions are appropriately utlised – including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.

Junior Minkey coordinator (Junior competition committee)

  • Lead a review of the clubs Minkey program,

  • Look at building the Minkey program into HV’s Hook-in2-hockey program,

  • Ensure that Minkey programs is appropriately managed and coordinated.

If you are interested in any of these roles or think you can help in another way please send us an email at